Scaldia is a name that brings his 200 hit single “ Bones And Candy”.

This instant hit took it’s inspiration from Cameo’s “ Candy”.

After only two weeks the song was on all the major club dj’s playlist.

Even though it made Scaldia a household name , He distanced himself from it to open the public to more of his “Cameleon like  talent”.

Being well known on both the mainstream and underground public.

One of the constant influences in his productions is the work as and audio engineer and producer for various artists. For the last 18 years many artists have had his touch on their recordings and productions.

Working with great names in the industry as Juan Atkins, Semi Precious Weapons, Ian Prada, Jessie McKenzie, Yaw Dela Botri, Ali Tcheelab, Marvelous, Phill Da Cunha, made his sound what it is today.

Being influenced by so many different genres he developed different names for his broad sound.

Adrian Becu brings us his more experimental side that touches the Trance and electronic roughness that pounds the dance floor.

His latest guise Tyinx was well received with his Disco Tech House sound.

His first release ‘ Strings That touch ‘was well received on the Tech House scene.

 A massive amount of summer compilations had brought loads of attention in 2015.

In 2011 releasing his first album ‘ No Return ‘ . He offered the public a journey into the reaches of the Scaldia imprint. Showing a club like feel and a journey with epic tracks the mark was set.

Setting up his record label Planet Scaldia in 2010 was the logical next step.

He wanted to offer an exclusive roster of unknown talent. Giving everyone with electronic productions to be considered for a release.

Now six years later the label has grown to a huge list of artists.

Personal Life

At the young age of 12 Scaldia developed an interest in disco and electronic music.

Listening for hours to his parents music collection. The influences he gets from his parents open taste get him hooked on discovering new artists.

Going from the Beatles to Pink Floyd.

Receiving a copy of the Village People’s he starts buying second hand record players to be able to mix different songs. In only a few years he develops a collection of 7” records. Being introduced to the Dj ing scene at the age of sixteen he saves up for a mixer and decks. His mother being a strong supporter from the starts invests in his talent.

His first gigs being at after hour clubs. The Energy of these venues teach him to bring a driven sound. His mixing brings a fresh twist of classics and new sounds.

In 1991 meeting M.I.K.E at the famous Usa Import studios in Antwerp, Belgium.

They become friends and share there taste for the same broad sound.

M.I.K.E being an already accomplished producer and artist at that time offers to produce a track together with him. Being only a dj at that time, the magic of composing gets him hooked in an instant.

Moving to London to pursue his dream of studio engineer, he applies for the School Of Audio Engineering. Being immediately accepted for his clear enthusiasm and dedication.

In London he sets up his own record label RAGE RECORDS. This label quickly develops into 3 labels.

All three show to be successful quickly as sales quickly develop in the US.

Successfully finishing his studies 5 years later he returns to Belgium.

Upon returning in  2001 he starts working a freelance recording engineer.

In 2002 His sister and him team up and start their own Recording Studio.

Scaldia Stars offer a full digital studio in the center of their home town.

The fusion of Scaldia’s recording and producing skills and Sandra Vermuyten’s marketing and P.R  experience result in 14 years filled with recordings, songs events and so much more of their mutual creative character.

Aliases :

Dj Spock, Dj Styx, Dj Scaldia, Thomas River ,Tyrinx, Adrian Becu. 2of US, Klank Technik. The Powerpuff Boys, Planet Scaldia, Space Surfer, Detune